Organisations are continually striving to increase the efficiency of their technology solutions to increase profitability, Return On Investment (ROI) or to simply to remain in, what for many, is an increasingly competitive market place.

To do this much time and money is spent evaluating the “Best of Breed” software and hardware solutions on offer. In 2013, for example, an estimated USD$3.8 billion will be spent globally on new IT and Technology solutions. (Gartner)

With so much being invested in technology it is worrying to note that comparatively little attention is spent by organisations on evaluating or resourcing their “Soft Skills”. Historically only about 50% of UK companies have a formal resourcing/Training/HR policy, a figure which falls to 40% in companies with less than 250 employees. (CIPD)

Without the right personnel to maintain their business systems or the projects which they are involved in, organisations may struggle to achieve their expected ROI, to complete critical projects or to simply get the best results out of their technology. When this happens there can be a sharp, severe and sometimes painful financial or human cost involved.

Many business managers only ask themselves “Where does The Buck Stop and Who’ll Carry the Can”? far too late.


Our aim, as your solutions partner, is to prevent these issues happening. With over 15 years of executive experience in the IT, Telecoms, Finance and Life Science sectors, SCR has the skills, vision and ability to assist your business-critical talent acquisition processes.

  • SCR believes in assisting our clients to resource, train and retain the best skills in their sector.
  • We commit to being Open, Honest and Transparent to all parties in the hiring process.
  • We understand that your Vision and Needs are important and so must be respected at all times.
  • We understand that for SCR to prosper as a market leading consultancy we will only achieve our goals and vision if we help others to achieve theirs.


In consultation with our clients, and thus with a thorough understanding of their business, their goals and corporate vision, we help to construct a Nine Point Resource Plan to cover the 3 main skills sections (Technical, Commercial/Scientific and Personal) required from candidates. These sections are then expanded to include exactly what criteria is “Essential”, “Desirable” and “Nice to Have” in each section. Using this agreed Nine Point Resource Plan we are able to construct a bespoke search plan using our market knowledge, existing business relationships and access to highly skilled candidates.

With a clear vision of our client’s current and future needs we are able to inform our candidates, in depth, of the job specifications, project plans and possible career paths.  Many of our candidates are exclusive to SCR and we will have already carried out a full review of their career and salary expectations to speed up this process.

Dependant on the agreed resourcing process (Contingency, Retained or Executive Search) we are able to provide an overview of each shortlisted candidate along with commercial “Value Added” considerations such as:

  • Can they help you save time?
  • Can they help you save money?
  • Can they help you make money?
  • What have been their success stories and can they replicate them for you?

These considerations are normally overlooked by other agencies but we feel they are vital for this process and, as such, are “standard” from SCR as your business partner .


  • All parties involved have the confidence of working with a solutions partner who understands what is important for them.
  • Clients and candidates work together with SCR throughout the hiring process in a partnership where all parties are committed to being Open, Honest and Transparent.
  • By having a clear understanding of client’s and candidate’s needs we look to save time across the process thus reducing the risk of losing a key candidate.
  • By educating candidates fully on the opportunity available and by briefing clients as to the business benefits of a candidate’s application we ensure that when parties start talking there is already an affinity and understanding in place. This feeling of general well-being carries through the entire process from interview to candidate placement.
  • SCR’s solutions help business critical projects to succeed, budgets to be met, new business to be won, careers to be made.
  • By working closely with candidates and treating them with courtesy we find Good People Better Jobs. We are very pleased to say that we continue to work closely with many past candidates as they have progressed in their careers.


Now, how can we help you?

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