With our extensive experience of working with candidates to provide career advice, commercial training and personal development we appreciate that a successful solution must to be tailored to each individual.

Every candidate is driven by different desires, needs and motivators. Why does a candidate consider a change in career?

Are they looking for?

  • A better salary and benefits package,
  • Better opportunities for personal development,
  • A new start where they have increased career prospects
  • Do they yearn for a career where they simply receive the basic human considerations such as recognition and a pat on the back for a job well done?


Our aim, as your recruitment partner, is to help identify opportunities where your needs and skills are recognised, your desires matched. We look to guide all candidates through the resourcing process to a successful conclusion. With over 15 years of executive experience in the IT, Telecoms, Finance and Life Science sectors, SCR has the skills, vision and ability to assist your career planning.

  • SCR believes in assisting our candidates to obtain the best opportunities in their sector.
  • We commit to being Open, Honest and Transparent to all parties in the hiring process.
  • We understand that your Needs, Plans and Aspirations are important and so must be respected at all times.
  • We understand that for SCR to prosper as a market leading consultancy we will only achieve our goals and vision if we help others to achieve theirs.


From the outset we treat candidates as we would like to be treated ourselves; with openness, with honesty and with respect. We promise that we will offer constructive criticism where it is required.

When we discuss your needs we will need to consider a complete and holistic solution. This means not only looking at your current situation but also your future personal and family developments, your career hopes and aspirations. Once we have a clear picture of what you need, what you want and what is probable (sometimes 3 different things) we can start to create a Personal Action Plan.

First step: This may seem like a simple one but we take a long hard and critical look at your CV.

Not only do we evaluate your skills and experience we also help you look afresh at your CV through the eyes of the personnel in the client’s hiring process. This may include busy HR professionals (who may see dozens of CVs each day for a variety of roles) through to Technical Hiring Managers and Company Executives who will make the crunch decisions affecting your future.

We help you to see how your CV can be adapted to increase your chances of making it through the evaluation process.

  • Does it really highlight all your technical, commercial and personal skills?
  • Does it really demonstrate to a hiring executive why they should risk perhaps their reputation and budget to hire you?
  • Do you shine a spot-light on your success stories to show how you have helped other clients to save time, save money or even make money in the past and how you can replicate this success to make them look good?

Second Step: When shortlisted for an interview we will offer specialist training on interview techniques (both face to face or telephone) to ensure that candidates maximise their opportunities.

Third Step: We provide client feedback as soon as possible, either good or bad. Whilst we hope that our news is good we understand that sometimes it’s going to be news candidates don’t want to hear. We would rather “give it you straight” than avoid our professional and human responsibilities, letting candidates live in painful hope…


  • All parties involved have the confidence of working with a recruitment partner who understands what is important for them.
  • Clients and candidates work together with SCR throughout the hiring process in a partnership where all parties are committed to being Open, Honest and Transparent.
  • By having a clear understanding of client’s and candidate’s needs we look to save time across the process thus reducing the risk of losing a key candidate.
  • By educating candidates fully on the opportunity available and by briefing clients as to the business benefits of a candidate’s application we ensure that when parties start talking there is already an affinity and understanding in place. This feeling of general well-being carries through the entire process from interview to candidate placement.
  • In recruiting the right candidates we help business critical projects to succeed, budgets to be met, new business to be won, careers to be made.
  • By working closely with candidates and treating them with courtesy we find Good People Better Jobs. We are very pleased to say that we continue to work closely with many past candidates as they have progressed in their careers.

Now, how can we help you?

SCR Putting the pieces together